Vehicle To Grid: Everything you need to know

Efficient (dis)charging

The innovative bidirectional Vehicle-to-Grid (DC) charger solutions been specifically designed to make your electric vehicle part of the energy network.

Save money by storing energy in your electric car (or battery) when its cheap and using it when energy is expensive. 

This is ideal for home/office-, retail-, hotel-, carpoollocations, car sharing
concepts and future-proof electric car loading area.

Features and benefits

  • Supports bidirectional charging with CCS Combo 2 as CHAdeMO
  • > 95% efficiency, both ways
  • Low-noise, ideal in urban areas
  • OCPP 2.01 compliant
  • Optional  MODBUS TCP/RTU communication
  • Direct solar charging, Local battery storage
  • Private labeling
V2G Charger 10 kW DC - Venema Emobility Charge Systems

The VenemaTech Verhicle-To-Grid Charger series which is specifically designed for making your electric vehicle part of the energy network, is 100% created and developed in the Netherlands. Our V2G charging solution is one of the most innovative and reliable systems in the world. This is a guaranteed investment in a future-proof bidirecyional charging connection.

Venema Technisch Bedrijf is een toonaangevende producent van innovatieve energiemanagement oplossingen. Wij zijn een betrouwbare groothandel van hoogwaardige technisch producten.

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