DC EV charging stations for home, office or on the go.

Energy Mobility Hub

An EV charging station for everyone. That’s where Venema E-mobility Charge Systems B.V. goes for.

We develop and build smart (DC) charging systems for the home, office or on the road. Venema charging stations are systems that contribute to clean mobility, sustainable energy and keeping the energy grid stable. Where quality and a fair price come first

Venema has a complete portfolio of DC charging solutions for charging electric cars, buses, trucks and vessels.

The charging stations have a large voltage range, making them suitable for any type of vehicle. Venema works with the most innovative technology, which enables us to respond optimally to your specific needs. Craftsmanship and common sense are the hallmarks of this family company from Arnhem.


Smart DC (V2G) EV charging station for home or office.

(Energy Mobility

Smart DC charging hub for electric vehicles.

Ultra Power Charger"DC-DC"

DC (fast) charging station for electric buses and trucks.

EVDC FLEX Charger 85

Mobile DC (fast) charging station for cars, trucks and other EV's.

Venema Technisch Bedrijf is een toonaangevende producent van innovatieve energiemanagement oplossingen. Wij zijn een betrouwbare groothandel van hoogwaardige technisch producten.

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